How Long Will It Take To Repair Water Damage in Your Home?

Water damage can be a serious problem for any homeowner. Water can cause serious damage to your home, including structural damage, mold growth, and more. If you have water damage, it’s essential to act quickly to mitigate and prevent further damage.

There are a few things you can do to help mitigate water damage:

  • Remove any excess water from the affected area.
  • Open any doors and windows to allow air circulation. 
  • If possible, lift any wet furniture or carpet off the floor to help dry the area.
  • If you have any wet items, such as clothing, bedding, or towels, wash them as soon as possible.
  • Remove any mold or mildew growth. 
  • Call a professional water damage restoration company. 

How Long to Repair Water Damage

If your home has been flooded or there has been a leak, you may wonder how long it will take to repair the damage.

The answer to this question depends on several factors:

The Extent of the Damage

The first factor to consider is the extent of the damage. If the damage is extensive, it will take longer to repair.

If the damage is minor, such as a small leak in a pipe, it may only take a few hours to repair. However, if the damage is more severe, such as a flooded basement, it could take days or even weeks to repair.

Type of Water Damage

There are three types of water damage: clean water, gray water, and black water.

  • Clean water damage is the least severe. This type of water damage is caused by clean water, such as from a broken pipe or a leaky faucet.
  • Gray water damage is more severe. This type of water damage is caused by gray water, which is water contaminated with chemicals or sewage.
  • Black water damage is the most severe. This type of water damage is caused by black water, which is water contaminated with hazardous materials, such as from a flood or sewage backup.

The type of water damage will affect the repair time.  For instance, sewage backup and flood damage are more difficult to repair because it often affects more home areas. Leak damage is typically less extensive and can be repaired more quickly.

Location of the Damage

The location of the water damage will also affect the repair time. If the damage is in a hard-to-reach area, it will take longer to repair. If the damage is in an easily accessible area, it will be easier to repair.

For example, if the damage is in a ceiling, the repair will take longer than if the damage is on a floor.

Type of Damaged Materials

The type of materials that are damaged will also affect the repair time. If the damage is to materials that are easy to replace, the repair will be quicker. If the damage is to materials that are difficult to replace, the repair will take longer.

For example, if the damage is too porous, such as drywall or carpet, it will be more challenging to repair. It will be easier to repair if the damage is to non-porous materials, such as tile or hardwood floors.


Water damage can wreak havoc on your home or business, whether it’s from a flood, a leaky pipe, or just heavy rain. So, taking care of water damage as soon as possible is essential to avoid further damage to your home. There are several ways to repair water damage, and the average time it takes to repair water damage depends on many factors such as the severity of the damage. So, if you’re dealing with water damage, it is best to contact a professional to assess the damage and get started on the repair process.

When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence. At Trademark, we provide water damage restoration in Fresno that can help in all aspects of water damage restoration, from water extraction and drying to mold remediation and repairs. No matter how big or small the job, we are here to help you get your property back to its pre-damaged condition. Let us work with you every step to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to get started!

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