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IICRC Certified Contractor

We are an IICRC Firm with IICRC certified employees, which ensures that the proper protocols and procedures are taken throughout the mold removal and remediation process.


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Mold Inspection & Assessment

Conducted by qualified and experienced inspectors, our mold inspection & assessment services let us diagnose the extent and cause of mold damage so we can provide great results.

Mold Containment & Control

After determining the extent of mold damage, we’ll contain and begin removing the affected materials.

Material Removal

Mold and mildew removal services mean that we’ll manage the safe and complete removal of mold-damaged items and materials. This prevents long-term health risks and other health and operational concerns due to mold overgrowth.

Mold Cleaning Services

After affected materials have been removed, our team will clean and treat all affected areas and surfaces with an antimicrobial agent.

Air Filtration & Dehumidification

As part of our cleanup and removal of mold-damaged materials, we’ll use air scrubbers to filter mold spores out of the air. Providing a safe and healthy environment.

Clearance Testing

We employ an external party to air test affected areas and verify that the mold clean up has been done correctly and effectively.

Restoration of Property

Once affected areas have passed clearance testing, we provide mold restoration services so our team can restore your property to its original state.

We Make Mold Remediation Easy For You

During the mold removal process, our certified mold technicians will perform the following steps:

  • Identify areas with mold growth through mold inspection and mold testing methods
  • Contain the work area where mold is present and set up HEPA air scrubbers to prevent cross-contamination
  • Remove materials that are affected by the mold infestation
  • Dispose of contaminated materials from your home or business facility
  • HEPA vacuum all spaces and cavities and remove loose mold particles
  •  Disperse an EPA-approved antimicrobial solution to remove mold spores in areas with abnormal water or moisture levels
  • Apply EPA-approved protective solution to prevent a similar mold issue in the future
  • Finalize the mold cleanup process with clearance testing and certification to ensure a safe and healthy environment. 


We’ve helped restore homes throughought Fresno and Clovis from mold damage.



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