How to Convert Your Attic Into an Exceptional Living Space

Remodeling your attic can be an excellent way to make more room in your home if you want to accommodate your growing family or if you just want to enjoy the panoramic view from the tallest room of your home.

Attic conversions require a lot of planning and work to get the space you want while staying within the limits of the people working on the project, the attic’s structure, and the building code.

If you are fortunate enough to have an attic in your home, you will likely want to use it. Whether as a storage area or an entirely new room, we have listed some essential considerations for remodeling your attic space.

1. Know Your Building Code Restrictions

To begin with, you will need to establish how much space you have available. Depending on the location of your home, building codes may impose several restrictions on the type of space you can create in your attic. 

For example, in many places, attics can only be used for storage and cannot be turned into rooms where people can live. Some building codes may also limit how high an attic can be if used as a living space. To avoid expensive and inconvenient code violations, it is important to know precisely the building requirements applicable to your house.

2. Choose the Right Materials

The type of materials you choose to use for the conversion will significantly impact the project’s success. You will need to choose carefully what kinds of materials you will use for your ceiling and walls, and whatever flooring you use should be selected to avoid moisture damage.

3. Work with Your Designer

If you want a well-working room, you’ll need to hire a designer for an attic conversion. A designer will advise you on what you can accommodate in the available space, what is achievable in terms of room height, and any structural difficulties that must be handled. 

They may design a plan to assist you in planning the layout of your attic conversion and selecting the proper materials to achieve the desired aesthetics.

4. Know the Risks

Even though converting your attic is an excellent way to use space and increase the value of your home, it does come with some risks. Leaks and water damage can happen when attics are turned into rooms. Leaks will destroy the room if the work isn’t done right.

5. Plan Accordingly and Find the Right Contractor

The best way to ensure that your attic conversion will meet your expectations is to plan ahead. 

Having a contractor is helpful because they can look at how much material you need for the room and give you a quote. This will make you less worried about spending too much money on the project. 

If you haven’t worked with a contractor before, it is essential to do your research to find a reputable and reliable contractor to do the conversion. They should also have done attic conversions before and know the state of your attic so they can fix any problems that might come up.


The attic offers a lot of potential for savvy homeowners.  However, be aware of the risks of converting your attic and make it a priority to hire an experienced contractor who can install the correct systems. Use these tips to ensure that your attic conversion goes smoothly and you have the perfect space for your family.

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