Bathroom Renovation Blunders Your Contractor Needs to Avoid

Bathroom renovation is a major home improvement project, and it needs to be done correctly for it to last a long time. If you’ve been planning a bathroom makeover for months, it’s easy to get carried away by your enthusiasm and not fully consider the practicality of all your ideas.

While you may have a clear idea of what you want, the outside appearance of a bathroom is often only half the story. When creating a functional, efficient space, there’s a slew of hidden design aspects like drainage and ventilation.

You will want to make sure your bathroom renovation goes off without a hitch. Avoid these common blunders, and you’ll be on your way to success.

Being Okay with Poor Ventilation

Because it is the simplest, ventilation will almost definitely need to be put on an outside wall. In a bathroom with wallpapered walls, proper ventilation is especially vital. The paper may peel and mold may grow on your walls and ceiling without it.

There are a lot of ventilation systems on the market right now. There are quiet ones, ones that sense wetness, and heavy-duty models, so make sure you think about all of your alternatives.

Being Careless with the Lighting

Bathroom lighting must be adjustable at all times to suit the variety of functions it serves—from a room where you bathe in the morning to a relaxing space to unwind in at the end of the day. If it’s too dark, you won’t be able to see your face; if it’s too bright, you won’t be able to relax.

Your goal should be to incorporate layers of light wherever possible. These can be wall lights on opposite sides of a mirror, a central ceiling light, or a series of downlights. LED lighting can also be used to highlight specific places like a bathtub or artwork.

Poor or insufficient lighting can result in dark areas, where you have to squint to see in the dim light and dark corners that are always shrouded in a blanket of darkness. Dimmer lights are well worth the investment because they provide you with complete control over the quantity of light that enters the space. 

Keep in mind that, for optimum safety, all bathroom lighting should be IP or NEMA rated.

Not Leaving Enough Breathing Space

If you want a particular washbasin or vanity, be prepared to give it up if you don’t have sufficient room.

Allow adequate room around each fixture to make it comfortable to use. There’s no point in buying a vanity if you’re continually banging into it as you move around the room.

Look for reduced-depth goods with shallower proportions if you have a small bathroom and space is an issue. If you really must have a larger washbasin, consider foregoing a separate shower in order to save room and instead opt for an over-bath shower.

Giving Drainage Lesser Priority 

When it comes to wet room ideas, it’s not just about choosing the perfect tiling. Drainage problems can be a major issue, especially if the gradient isn’t appropriate for the location. It’s important to select a design that is appropriate for the size of your space, so be sure to research and ask for advice from a variety of bathroom experts.


Remodeling a bathroom from the ground up is an expensive project. The cost, combined with the general inconvenience and upheaval it causes your home, are both unpleasant experiences you won’t want to repeat. This is why you and your contractor need a foolproof bathroom renovation plan and impeccable execution.

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