Remodeling Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Small Bathroom

Many of us have to contend with small bathrooms. While this can be a challenge, many creative small bathroom remodel ideas exist to maximize space and add storage. With just a little bit of planning and imagination, you can transform the most confined of bathrooms into the most functional of spaces. Here are some ideas to make the most of small bathrooms.

Create a Floor Plan

The first step of any remodeling project should be to create a floor plan. Identifying the room’s dimensions and considering your needs will help you plan how to use the space efficiently. A helpful tip when measuring a room is that reducing a room’s width by two inches often creates space for a larger shower.

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

A great way to enhance the space of a small bathroom is to choose multi-functional furniture items. Cabinets, storage baskets, and other furnishings can maximize storage and utility while still maintaining the clean and organized look of a small bathroom.

Install Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted items such as toilet paper holders, towel bars, and shelving can be a great way to save floor space and keep with the minimalist look and feel of a small bathroom. As an added bonus, they can also be used to hold decorative items such as plants and pictures.

Lighten Up the Color Palette

Light, bright colors can create the illusion of a larger space. Consider painting the walls a light, cool color to help the room appear more expansive. You can also opt for lighter shades of tile, wallpaper, and bathroom fixtures to create an airy atmosphere.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make a room look larger. Strategically placed mirrors can be used to reflect light and add a touch of charm to your bathroom. Consider a mirrored vanity or medicine cabinet for an easy way to introduce lightness and dimension to the room.

Think Vertical

Verticality is key when it comes to maximizing storage and space in small bathrooms. Utilizing taller items such as storage baskets or cabinets can help to create storage without taking up extra square footage.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood, metal, and stone can add warmth to the space and can be used to create a unified look. Choose natural materials that align with the bathroom’s overall design theme to tie in your design.

Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting can have a significant impact on small bathrooms. So, you should incorporate accent lighting, such as small LED lights, for a more modern and warm atmosphere. Having multiple sources of light can also be great for creating a larger feel in the room.


The success of any bathroom remodel is in the details. Choose furniture, fixtures, and accessories that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to create the perfect look for your small bathroom. With the right ideas and a little bit of planning, you can easily create a comfortable, functional, and stylish small bathroom.

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