Home Remodeling You Must Do before Moving into a New House

When moving into a new house, you want it to be set up as soon as possible. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to conduct some home remodeling jobs before fully settling in. You’re not the only homeowner who thinks that way, too. In fact, over half of homebuyers surveyed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) undertook a home remodeling project within the first three months of purchasing. So don’t worry, you’re in good company.

That being said, don’t just get the job started when you’re about to move in. Do it beforehand! This offers many advantages, such as working in a relatively new space and minimizing health risks for your family. Here are some home remodeling jobs you must do before moving into a new house.

Installation or Refinishing of Flooring

You could be fortuitous enough to find something salvageable underneath the old carpet in a new home. But in nearly every case, your flooring will need to be refinished. Ensure you follow precautions when prepping, sanding, and applying the new finish if you do it yourself. Open all windows for maximum ventilation and put up barriers to contain dirt and debris for easy cleaning.

One easy home remodeling task to tackle is refinishing your hardwood floors. Start by opening all the windows and putting up barriers to contain dirt and debris for easy cleanup. Don’t forget to wear a mask with an organic vapor canister rated to fit in front of your mouth (this is a standard construction safety device), safety glasses, sleeves, and gloves. The idea is to avoid breathing in fine particulate dust and other chemicals released as you sand and refinish the floors.

Note that a water-based finishing system will produce significantly less smog than an oil-based system, off-gas for six months to a year. On the other hand, a water-based system may be off-gas for only 48 hours. 

Another common home remodeling task is replacing old carpeting. Just make sure it’s not synthetic fibers – they release many harmful fumes as they age. A wool carpet is best—most people consider it more comfortable and underlayment with low VOC emissions.

Kitchen and Bathroom Updating

About 47 percent of homeowners consider remodeling their kitchens when moving into a new home, and 44 percent update the bathrooms, according to a NAR Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers in 2016.

The best way to personalize and revitalize a dated look is to maximize this project by replacing or refacing cabinets. However, many no longer choose to finish them on-site due to the off-gassing of formaldehyde. Urea-formaldehyde is toxic. Choosing cabinets labeled NAUF will add a healthier touch, as “no added urea-formaldehyde” is used during the manufacturing process. 

During finishing, contractors and homeowners should adequately ventilate the house and wear a respirator.

Wall Painting

Changing the colors of the rooms in your home is a simple project that can personalize your home for little cost. But take note of these precautions—ensure you use low- or no-VOC paints, or you’ll pollute the indoor air with volatile organic chemicals that you don’t want to inhale. These materials contain low-level smog that’s a byproduct of most paints, so ask your supplier for low- or non-VOC brands.

The Final Nail

Dear reader, it is stressful enough to move with all the packing, planning, and logistics necessary to make it happen. You owe yourself to turn it into a less stressful event by getting some of your home remodeling projects done before all the boxes and furniture arrive at your front door. You’ll be glad you made that decision.

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