5 Basic Steps to Prepare Your Home Kitchen Remodeling

For many homeowners, home remodeling the kitchen is a vital part of keeping sa functioning home. But like any renovation, there are essential steps to remodeling a kitchen.

We’ll go over the things you can do yourself and when you need to call in reinforcements from professionals. In this article, we’ll share a six-step guide to help you execute a kitchen remodel effectively.

1. Collect Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel & Draw Them Out

First, get inspiration by browsing Pinterest boards and home improvement sites. Save any ideas you like in a folder or vision board.

Start by brainstorming ideas for the remodel, including various layouts and designs. Draw up a general outline of the room, focusing on the structure. This will give you a better idea of the fixtures, textures, and materials you want.

You can keep in mind the design process is working out the spacing of your cabinets, the placement of your kitchen island, where the appliances will go, and other details.

If you know the exact layout of your kitchen, it will be easier for potential contractors to give you an estimate for your remodeling project.

2. Make a Budget and Schedule for the Kitchen Remodel

Do some research to get a good idea of how much you need to spend on your kitchen remodel. It’s hard to know how much a kitchen renovation will cost until you’ve talked to some professionals, but setting a budget ceiling now will help you get started.

Besides that, a kitchen remodel can take as little as one month or as long as three. It depends on the size of your kitchen, the work being done, and any contractors you may be working with. Thus, it would provide you with a rough idea of how long, and how expensive, your kitchen remodel will take.

3. Bring in Experts to Help You Renovate and Plan Your Home

Your goal is finding the best home remodeling professionals to make your designs a reality. You can visit stores and showrooms to see all the available materials and get some referrals.

Get in touch with a licensed contractor once you have a finalized budget, layout, and design. A good rule to remember is to get three different estimates that include a timeline for completion.

Generally, you should never hire the contractor with the lowest estimate. They may be desperate for work or plan on using low-quality materials. Once you have a contractor to help with your kitchen remodel, create a contract detailing the work and how you will pay for it.

4. Plan for Preparations

The crew you’ve hired is ready to start tearing down the kitchen now that the paperwork has been approved and the design is finalized. If you choose to stay in your home as they work, there are some things you need to plan for:

  • Temporarily relocate your kitchen to another room of the house.
  • Ensure you have enough space to prepare meals.
  • Bring only the essential appliances you need for cooking.
  • Use a mini-fridge to store perishables.
  • Keep paper plates, plastic silverware, and cups in your pantry.
  • Store non-perishables such as peanut butter, crackers, and a snack bar within reach.
  • Make plans for cleanup before the kitchen remodel begins.

5. Wrap Up Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Once the construction is finished, you can look at your new kitchen and check off the items that are done. If you worked with a contractor, ensure that everything agreed to in the contract is finished before you pay them.

After you finish your punch list, you can finally take down your temporary kitchen and go back to cooking in your new kitchen.


Home remodeling is an exciting yet thorough process. The tips in this guide should assist you in getting the job done right. However, the key ingredient in your kitchen remodel is hiring the right team to help.

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